Known limitations
What's new in version 9 (April 2017, updated November 2023)?
What's new in version 8 (May 2016)?
What's new in version 7 (November 2013)?
What's new in version 6 (August 2011)?
What's new in version 5 (May 2010)?
What's new in version 4 (October 2006)?
Command-Line Options for PAL.EXE and PAL32.EXE
How to use PAL.EXE and PAL32.EXE
How to use PALCMD.EXE and PALCMD32.EXE
Installation folders
Main window
General Reports
Status Report
Strong Warnings Report
Warnings Report
Memory Report
Optimization Report
Code Reduction Report
Convention Compliance Report
Inconsistent Case Report
Prefix Report
NextGen Readiness Report
Metrics Reports
Totals Report
Module Totals Report
Complexity Report
Object-oriented Metrics Report
Reference Reports
Modules Report
Identifiers Report
Duplicate Identifiers Report
Similarity Report
Literal Strings/Numbers Report
Subprogram Index Report
Bindings Report
Third-party Dependencies Report
Most Called Report
Call Tree Report
Reverse Call Tree Report
Call Index Report
Exception Report
Brief Cross-reference Report
Cross-reference Report
Used Outside Report
Uses Report
Conditional Symbols Report
Directives Report
To-Do Report
Module Call Tree Report
Help Report
Searched Strings Report
Map File Report
Clone Report
Class Reports
Class Index Report
Class Summary Report
Class Hierarchy Report
Class Field Access Report
Control Reports
Control Index Report
Control Alignment Report
Control Size Report
Control Tab Order Report
Control Warnings Report
Property Value Report
Missing Property Report
Form Report
Events Report
Main menu
File menu
Edit menu
Search menu
View menu
Analysis menu
Options menu
Properties - General
Properties - Reports
Properties - Format
Properties - Parser
Properties - Switches
Preferences - General
Preferences - Source Code
Preferences - Editor
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